Christmas finery

We had a Christmas dinner at our church tonight and it was lovely! Olivia had been given this adorable little "Mrs.Claus" dress and so I told the boys they could each pick out a special Christmas shirt from Walmart this afternoon. Then we attempted to get some pictures before we headed off to church.

These are the pictures we took in all their glory...

Tomorrow we are off to the big city for Olivia's final dental appointment... when they will be yanking her two broken front teeth. I am not excited. But it will be good to have it done and over with. I am praying it is not a traumatic appointment for her. Poor kid.

We are also planning on doing some Christmas shopping in the city if Olivia does well. We'll see.

And then on Tuesday Olivia turns THREE!! My baby is going to be 3 years old. Wow.


Becca said…
What great pictures! I hope those are going into a scrapbook or something :)
mail4rosey said…
These are great fantastic photos! The picture of your one son with his mouth open so wide in several pictures made me laugh because my now-16-yr.-old-son, used to do that all of the time when he was little. :)

All of your children are GORGEOUS!
Unknown said…
Wow, Tara. You look beautiful in these pictures!
Colleen said…
I agree with Amanda! And I LOOOVE the pics of you and Olivia! Beautiful! :o)

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