Christmas Eve

Every year my mother-in-law makes all 5 of us new jammies and we open them on Christmas Eve. The tradition started when her kids were all small so everyone would look acceptable in Christmas morning pictures. Or so I'm told anyway :).

Olivia's jammies have adorable little ballerinas on them and she loves them! She looks so cute in them. Olivia and my mom had a little picnic on the floor when we got home from church on Christmas Eve.

Owen and Aiden are basically the same size right now so they are going to share lizard jammies and dinosaur jammies and my mother-in-law even made them cool matching lizard/dinosaur pillow cases.

 Aiden had a bit of a rough night so he was a little sad... even with the cool jammies on.

He did perk up some when it came to leaving the milk and cookies out for Santa. They wrote him a note and even left him a present of a snowman stuffed toy. And of course he had both white milk AND chocolate milk to drink.

I got to snuggle with my boys in my pretty new rose jammies too.  Aiden was especially cuddly.

My husband took most of the pictures since he is the resident photo-expert in our house so all of these pictures are his. The kids all stayed up waaayyy too late Christmas Eve and I stayed up even later to get the wrapping done. I foolishly sat on the floor wrapping for hours and now, two days later, my back is still just killing me! But it was worth it :)


Unknown said…
stopping by from 5MFM!

Love your lil girls' ballerina jammies! they look so soft and warm (flannel, right?)

Your poor lil guy...he looks so sweet and sad. Hope all is right in his world again!
annies home said…
the cutest pictures and just what i think of christmas pajamas, gifts and the christmas tree
Queenie Jeannie said…
Sweet jammies!!

Why is Aiden so sad??
Anonymous said…
Cute pictures.. love all the pjs..she should have her own etsy shop. :)

Unknown said…
I love the last photo, it's so touching!!!

The jammies are wonderful!!
I love all those pjs. What wonderful photos!

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