Boxing Day Bliss

Today has (mostly) been a lovely relaxing day. I love boxing day! None of the stores around here are open today so there is no pressure to go shopping for deals or anything. The 5 of us have just spent the day at home watching it snow and enjoying each others company... for the most part anyway ;)

My house is a complete disaster area because I refused to clean... time enough for that tomorrow.

I played the Harry Potter game on Aiden's DS and discovered I actually LIKED it! Go figure. I usually hate all video games. The internet was down at our house and since I am refusing to clean or do anything remotely productive I played DS.

If anyone feels like giving me one of their old used DS' I'd be happy to take it... then all would have to do is borrow Aiden's game now and then... and a pair of headphones... and a quiet room all to myself.

Never mind. If I had a quiet room all to myself and time to play video games I'd just fall asleep anyway :)

Olivia has been unbelievably good today. I mean really. She has just been exploring all her new things and playing with her brothers and watching Dora. The boys have been incredibly good today too. They have had the occasional scuffle but nothing compared to the last week!

Yesterday was filled to the brim with abundance and today we are just basking in it :)

Oh how I love mellow days like this!!!

How was your Christmas???


Corrine said…
Your boxing day sounds great. We went Ice Fishing - caught two good ones and one small one that refused to go back. Vicky loves her new DS and the littlest pet shop game that we got to go with it. Not to mention that she has been invited to a sleepover tomorrow night ... some quality time alone with the Hubby to look forward to! What a blessed Christmas. Thanks to God for the quietness that He poured into your life today. Lots of love, THE OWEN CLAN.
Becca said…
I just learned about Boxing Day this year (I live in the US) and had no idea it was such a big deal!!! (It used to just be something on my calendar that I ignored)

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