ack... fighting kids are going to drive me crazy!

Today was a bit of a rough day- my sons just will not stop fighting with eachother over every little thing. It is going to drive me crazy. Aiden always takes it a step farther by really emotionally hurting Owen too by saying mean things. It made my medium-strength headache a super-strength one now.

On the up side my new nephew has a name now- Eli Oliver Luka. Cute eh?

I'm off to a Christmas party now (away from my kids)... enjoy your evening everyone!


Vickie said…
My girls fight all the time too! Drives me crazy! I hate it when they say, you are not my sister anymore:(

Have fun at the party and your nephew's name is cool:)
My kids have been absolutely INSANE today too! Is it the proximity to Christmas or something?!? I was yelling by 9 am this morning. Sigh. That really doesn't make for a successful day. Hope your party was fun and you could enjoy some peace and quiet!!

p.s. Thanks for the baby's name! Clever use of her maiden name.
lfhpueblo said…
My mom would always say, "The Barometer Pressure Must Be Dropping God, because these kids of mine keep fighting and are not stopping. Help me God to have kind, sweet children."
She made sure we heard it to and see her put her hands together like she was in prayer. Sometimes she'd even get down on her knees.
Did it help when she did this.
Well, possibly for maybe ten minutes, then we were back at it once again.
Hey your son's face looks a little like the boy in Home Alone when he put the shaving lotion on his face.
grannyvon said…
I had come to say the very same thing, it a remake is made of Home Along be sure he auditions. The pictures will be a nice memory. Merry Christmas to all!

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