My Favourite Pictures This Week - The Fort

I haven't taken very many pictures this week... mostly I just tried to keep my children and myself from hacking out a lung and stuff like that. Who has time for pictures when H1N1 is beating you to a pulp?
Most of the week was cold and dreary and snow-covered anyway.

My kitty was cold

and I was too

But thankfully the sun came out today and my sons are doing SO much better so they were able to play outside this afternoon. They built this amazing fort around our picnic table with the kids from next door...

When I called it a fort I was chastised though because apparently it is a tank.
Which I guess would explain the weaponry.

The neighbour kids have rather real-looking toy guns that my sons want to play with every chance they get because I don't let them have that sort of thing. The guns we have in our house are all brightly coloured and say "nerf" somewhere on them. And of course the neighbour kids can't wait to play with our guns. The grass is always greener people.
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Tara R. said…
Snow!? I won't complain about having to put on a jacket in the mornings. Snow... it's to early for snow.

I do love the footprint snaps.

I hope everyone is on the mend and over the worst of the flu.
You are a brave soul, baring your sole for a photograph! *lol* I love the snow shots though!!
Obviously it's a tank...geeze : )! The snow makes me slightly depressed since it reminds me that we will be getting it too. Hope you all are feeling better!
Amy said…
Great pictures! Hope everyone is better soon!
Heather said…
Okay, I can't believe you had that much snow already. And you were in!!

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