Weekly Winners- decorating for Christmas

I am a little late posting my weekly winners today because until this evening I didn't HAVE any weekly winners!

I tried to get a decent picture of our Christmas tree but have discovered that it is actually pretty hard to get a picture that actually shows what it looks like.

I love love LOVE Christmas. I love the day itself, I love what it stands for, I love that it is also my birthday, I love the lights, I love the presents, I love the tree, I love the music, I love it all. 

Everything just looks so pretty and sparkly and it just makes me happy :)

I would decorate pretty much every available surface if I could. I maintain that every home looks better with Christmas decorations!

Even if they are completely mismatched like mine. Eclectic is good.

I have a thing for angels and ribbons... together, separately... doesn't matter. I don't know why, I just really like them.

I especially love this ribbon this year...

It is just so darn pretty!

So there you have it. A small peak into my Christmas obsession and delight!

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Gabriel said…
Tara, those pictures are just beautiful. I'd love to be able to decorate my house like that!!!

Christmas is coming... my favourite time of the year!
mail4rosey said…
If you're free for the day...we could use your expertise over here at our place. :) Nice work on your decorating! I love Christmas too!!
Unknown said…
Lovely! Haven't touched my decor yet.

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