Olivia + Butter + Carpet = crying mommy

First of all let me just say how very thankful I am that our landlord installed incredibly easy to clean carpets in our house.


You know how when kids are sick they are extra clingy? Aiden and Owen were extra clingy yesterday and while Doug was at church last night I ended up laying on the floor on a blanket with Aiden on one side and Owen on the other.

Olivia was with us too and we were all watching TV. She has taken to playing near my desk sometimes- she has a little area where she stashes her toys etc.. So I didn't think anything of her going to "her spot" and playing.

Eventually I realize things are quiet. A little TOO quiet. And then my daughter comes tromping up to where I am with the boys and I look at her feet. She is wearing pretty pink shoes (not abnormal) covered with butter (definitely abnormal).

SO I say "no no no no no no no no" in that voice filled with horror that only a mother who KNOWS she is going to have a huge mess to clean up has.

I remove the buttered shoes from my daughter and start to investigate.

And this is what I found...

And entire pound of butter spread out on the carpet.
It was truly gross and I promptly burst into tears. Please keep in mind I am sick too and not exactly the most emotionally stable person around.
And what did Olivia do? Sat down and started to EAT some of the butter OFF THE FLOOR!!

Now THAT I just could not handle.

Luckily Doug walked in at just that moment and whisked all three children upstairs to bathe while I tried to figure out how to scrub the carpets clean.


I had this conversation with my mother on the phone:

Me: "how do you get BUTTER out of the carpet??"

Mom: "oh no... what happened?"

Me: "OLIVIA happened"

Mom: "oh honey"

Me: "she spread a whole pound of butter all over the carpet"

Mom: "on your area rug?"

Me: "noooooooo"

Mom: "oh no she didn't"

Me: "oh yes she did. she is a monster"

Mom: "ok honey, just get really hot water and lots of soap....." etc. explaining to me how to clean the carpet.

Which brings me back to how thankful I am that we have very easy to clean carpets and I have a mother who knows how to clean weird things. It looks like nothing happened at all. Perfect.

That's a relief.

2 year olds. Sheesh.


Anonymous said…
your next post should be exactly HOW you got it out!! i'm sure another mom will need to know too!! glad it's all better now. some day you'll laugh about it even tho you were crying! love to you!
Amanda said…
Wow butter ew! I can't complain about the baby powder all over the couch and chair this morning by my two year old. My living room is very fresh smelling!!!
Dakotapam said…
Oh Tara! I am so sorry! When my Owen was two, and I was tired and crabby and pregnant with Ethan, I put the husband in charge one Saturday morning so I could sleep. We had a carpeted kitchen. Apparently the husband was asleep on the couch, and OWen wanted milk, and all I heard was a gallon of milk splashing onto our kitchen floor. I said many words that I now regret!
OH NO! I am sooooo sorry. Ella went through a long phase like that. I had night cream all over the carpet in my closet, embossing craft powder all over the hallway....the list goes on. What a lesson in patience. I'm so glad that you got it cleaned up alright!!
Unknown said…
Oh. My. Word. I would have cried too...even if I wasn't sick! So glad you got it out. Ewwwwwww.
Heather said…
Before you try to clean scrape up as much of the butter as you can. There should be almost none left on your carpet before you try to clean. Good job taking pictures though. :-) Two year olds make awesome messes. As hard as it is at the time it does make for a great memory. Take care!
Oh no! I certainly would have cried if I was not feeling well. I probably would have cried even if I was feeling great! I'm glad you were able to get it clean. Hope you feel completely better soon!
A.Marie said…
Ewwwww..butter! Oh yuck! I am glad that you were able to get it cleaned up. How DID you do that? I remember when my now-15 year old was a toddler, and he pulled an ENTIRE pitcher of RED Koolaid off of the table and onto the carpet. We were just renting at the time, and I about had a heart attack. Sending you a big hug! {{{{{}}}}!

BTW: I got my Trend Micro product that I won from your blog. THANK YOU AGAIN! :)
Anonymous said…
Looks pretty good, Tara. Memories of much more gross cleanups from Olivia's mother! Enjoy these wonderful times - before u know it the kids will all be gone and your house will stay so clean you'll be lonely for their mess!
Love, Mom
Linda said…
Oh, noooo! I could imagine lots of stuff when you put Olivia+butter+carpet. Oh, yes, thankfully you have easy to clean carpet. On top of you being sick, yuck! The only thing I've heard that equals this is a neighbor's son gave a baby a jar of petroleum jelly. He was covered head to toe and his whole crib. He might have had a little help. Don't kids give you great memories!!!???!!!
Anonymous said…
Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?
Caroline said…
Some day, this will be one of your favorite stories to tell. What makes us sob one day, will make us laught til we're sick another day.
Tanya said…
Oh, NOOOO!!!! Yuk!

So glad you got it up OK.

And I did have to laugh at Olivia trying to eat it! ewww!

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