Olivia and her teeth

Yesterday we took Olivia to the dentist. We THOUGHT we were going to get her two front teeth pulled. But as it turns out they are going to do that NEXT trip. This time they fixed four teeth in the back.
It is an excessively long drive to the Dentist. 9 hours in one day is just ridiculous. But we did get to eat lunch at Swiss Chalet which was nice. But seriously that is one heck of a long drive. I am glad we only have to do it once more. Not so happy that poor Olivia will have to get her teeth pulled the day before her 3rd birthday. NO FAIR.
She was SO good at the dentist. She sat still and took the nitrous oxide and it obviously worked well because when they gave her two shots for freezing she didn't even flinch. She cried a couple times because she wanted to be done though- an hour is a long time for a little girl! She even fell asleep at one point which made me happy because if she was in pain she wouldn't be able to sleep.
Unfortunately she is not fully recovered from stupid H1N1 (neither am I actually) and she had another fever last night and again today. But she is mostly doing just fine. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever feel well again!! This has gone on far too long!


Unknown said…
Yay for Olivia. What a brave girl. So glad to hear that the gas wasn't so bad. Hopefully now, you girls will get a chance to rest for a few days and get rid of this virus for good. How are the boys feeling? They over it now? Wishing you a restful day today.
Hey, it could happen.
Anonymous said…
Me again - it looks like you are safe and not in the hands of an abusive medicaid dental mill - glad it all worked out for you...amazing you have to drive so far for that.

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