Olivia and the hand sanitizer

Me: Hey Olivia, what is that you have? (translation- why have you been so quiet for the past 5 minutes?)

Olivia: dis bottle an my Mickey Mouse.

Me: What's in that bottle Olivia?

Olivia: yotion (lotion) mommy

Olivia: see? its on my hand! Gamma gave it to us.

Me: Olivia, what is in your slippers?

Olivia: nuffing (nothing) is in my swippers mommy.
Me: really?

Olivia: just yotion mommy!
Me: nice work honey.

Olivia: fanks mommy

(just as a point of interest if you completely ignore puddles of hand sanitizer left in your daughter's slippers it will dry all on its own and she will wear them the next day as though nothing had been there ever)


She was just trying to avoid foot and mouth disease! LoL ~ Oh My gosh Tara she just keeps getting cuter!
Becca said…
Kids are a total crack up! :) Great story
Terra Heck said…
Aw, mom, she was just trying to moisturize her feet. It's winter and skin gets dry. lol
Too funny! The things kids do.
Tanya said…
So cute!
Anonymous said…
I like your kids, they are so creative, always finding new uses for things. Maybe they will grow up to solve the worlds garbage problems? It isn't always easy to raise smart creative kids. I read this quote "in order to have creative children you have to be willing to raise creative children" alyssa anderson
Unknown said…
LOL How adorable, atleast her slippers are clean and germ free now :)

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