the dental saga continues

Yesterday we took Olivia to a different dentist to see about her teeth. This is the dentist that the dental financial assistance people want us to see. So we drove the 4.5 hours there and after getting completely lost finally managed to arrive at our appointment... late... but we got there. The dentist was nice enough but I must admit it was a waaayyyy different experience than the last dentist. It FELT like we were charity cases, like they didn't have to put as much effort in because they won't make much money of us.

I could be wrong. Maybe she was just shy and really tired or something. But basically she took a look at Olivia's teeth, forced her to get some x-rays (while I had to stand in the hallway watching her cry) and then said barely anything to me. I know the x-ray thing is normal and she wasn't trying to make Olivia cry... but it IS hard to watch.

Then she stood up and said "well, we will pull out her two front teeth in one appointment and then fix the rest in a separate appointment. We will use nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas) because she's almost 3 and should be ok. Someone from the program will call you about an appointment. Bye." and then she walked away.

At the other dentist he told us he thought he could save her teeth and that it would be cruel to do all that work on her while she was awake so he would put her to sleep for 2 hours and then it will be all done. He sat with us for awhile and answered our questions. He talked about anaesthesia options. He talked about all the safety precautions they take and all that they do for children. He told us what would happen exactly on that day. He was very thorough and Olivia never cried once.

I admit that the one dentist stands to make a heck of a lot more money off us than the other... but the fact remains that one said he could save her teeth (90% sure) and the other isn't even going to try. Plus I have heard several horror stories about nitrous oxide lately that freak me right out.

The thing is we may have no option. I have to talk to the financial aid people and see what they have to say. But the fact remains if we can't afford to get it done we have to go with the cheap one... whether we like it or not.

But I am not making any decisions yet. Especially since my mind is hazy in it's H1N1 cloud.

And plus God could totally work the whole thing out no problem. Like he did for Aiden's teeth! We had a $400+ bill for Aiden's teeth that we couldn't afford and dear friends of ours sent us money to pay for it. Just like that. Amazing.

Olivia did really well all day yesterday but started to cough more and more toward evening and she is certainly not her perky self today. That picture is her right now, fast asleep on the couch behind me.

The boys came with us yesterday since they are still on H1N1 quarantine. Our kids travel amazingly well and there was basically no difference for them between watching movies at home all day or watching movies in the vehicle all day. They were great. Owen had one coughing fit that resulted in him throwing up but other than that it was uneventful.
And I just read this information off of the CDC website:
CDC recommends that people with influenza-like illness remain at home until at least 24 hours after they are free of fever (100° F [37.8°C]), or signs of a fever without the use of fever-reducing medications.

which means that if all goes well the boys can return to school tomorrow! Owen REALLY wants to go back- he misses his best buddy Hunter :) Aiden is less sure of going back but I think it is mostly because he just really likes being home.
5 days out of school, 7 days at home... that is a long time. So I am praying that they keep getting better and better and can return to normal life.

That way I can lay on the couch in my H1N1 - induced stupor in peace.


Unknown said…
Oh Tara, that totally sucks. Sounds like there's a real difference in quality or caring between the two dentists. I don't envy you your decision! Also, was sorry to read that the fever has returned. Praying for endurance for you. Yuck.
A.Marie said…
Oh, I am so sorry that you had to drive all that way for a dentist who didn't seem to even care. It seems like a long way for nothing! And, I complained when I had to take my children to the dentist and it was 40 minutes away from home. Bad Me!

I just pray that all of you get better soon! It has taken me almost 2 weeks to recover from my bout with the H1N1. Try to get as much rest as you can!
Anonymous said…
Oh Sweetheart! Stick with the dentist who cares, and trust God for the money. Saving her teeth is the sensible thing to do, and will make her eating, social development, talking, etc. much easier on her. I remember horrific experiences with the dentist from my childhood. Not fun and totally ineffective, by the way! Praying for you. Love you. Mom
Unknown said…
wow! thats a long drive for a really crappy experience!! not too mention when you are dealing with h1n1 too!! praying that god gives you an answer. It's hard to take cheaper options for your kids but when you don't have the money it really feels like you have no choice!. Praying!
Anonymous said…
Be very careful you are not putting her in the hands of a Small Smiles medicaid type clinic as per this :

FWIW in Europe/UK decayed teeth in 2 year olds are extracted under general anaesthetic or just monitored and action is only taken if child is in pain. From age 3/4 they can cooperate with just local aneasthetic/nitrous sometimes and restraint is never used (unlike in USA).
In USA pediatric dentistry there is a trend to save and place stainless steel crowns (They make a lot of money doing this even the legitimate ones)
In short I am saying be careful...despite what they tell you about space maintenance etc...the adult teeth will come through - young kids can live just fine with a few baby teeth missing. Good luck.

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