Dear Internet,

Please don't crap out on me like that again. Do you know how stressful it is for me to have to go without you for an entire evening and then to get up in the morning and for you STILL to be gone?

I didn't like it.

Withdrawal is not good for my state of mind.

And I don't CARE what your excuses are. Behaviour like that is simply unacceptable. I had things to do, posts to write, stuff to giveaway, email to check, tweets to twitter, statuses to update. Social networking was YOUR idea internet, not mine. You sucked me in. And then to just cut me off with no warning? Cruel.

Pay attention internet, don't make me tell you this again! Your job is to WORK when I sit down at my computer... not to obstinately refuse to work thereby forcing my computer to swear at me saying things like "could not find connection" and "no you can NOT access your email and blog because the internets have been raptured and you have been left behind. Sucks to be you."

Now don't get me wrong internet, I'm very thankful you decided to come back on once my dear husband had that nice chat with the nice techie man and went and got us a new doohicky for the thing in the place and hooked up the whatchamacallit...but I would really prefer if you never put me through that kind of stress again. Ok? Thanks.



Amber said…
Bahahahahaha. Oh Tara you're too funny.
the Doug said…
I LOVE that you used the word "whatchamacallit" in a blog post.

The really should deserve a reward for that.
Tanya said…
ROFLOL!! So true!

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