Why is my 2 year old awake at 10 pm?

So I took Aiden to the dentist today for his third of four appointments. He did awesome. He was so well behaved and only cried once when he got the shot for the freezing. I gave him his ipod to listen to and at one point he almost fell asleep! An hour is a really long time for him to be still.

But the financial crisis saga continues. As I mentioned before Olivia's dental issues are going to cost $2200 that we don't have. But today I was handed another bill for almost $400 for Aiden's teeth. More money we don't have.

Our insurance will cover some of Olivia's bill (about $900 we think) but Aiden's bill is AFTER insurance has already paid them. I have applied for some financial aid from social services- there is a program specifically to help with dental stuff for kids. I sure am hoping they can help us!

I just keep reminding myself that God will take care of us. Because He will. I KNOW He will.

In other news it seems my back is never going to get better. Ouch. And now the tendinitis in my shoulder and arm are acting up... because I needed more pain obviously :)

And Olivia is driving me crazy with her wacky sleep patterns these days. She is in that horrible stage between still needing to take naps and being ready to give them up. It is NOT going well. I managed to keep her up most of the day today until her regular bedtime and thought- delusionally- that she would stay asleep and we could get back on track.

No such luck. She woke up after sleeping for an hour and a half. NOT GOOD. I tried to put her back to sleep but it just was not going to happen. So now she is "helping" me and I can only hope I will be able to convince her to go to sleep before midnight!


hi tara, saw your review come thru in the newsletter i guess i'm the first to post. was going to suggest a sound machine for her room, we got one for my 5yr old grandson and it really helps. i got one for myself and love mine too. they have at least 10 sound choices, like rain, white noise etc we like the flowing creek best. good luck> julie

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