What a day what a day what a day.

Today is Olivia's dental consult with the pediatric dental specialist in the big city 4.5 ish hours away from us. So we have to drive for 9 ish hours today... I don't think my back is going to be too thrilled with that but such is life.

And just to make things a little more interesting? Both of my sons are sick today. SO I Grandma is on her way over to stay with them for the day while we make the trek to the city. Aiden didn't even want to go to his fieldtrip today - touring the firehall - so I KNOW he is not doing ok. Owen spent half the night coughing. Poor kids. I feel bad leaving them but know they are in good hands.

What a day.

Feel free to send a few prayers our way!


A.Marie said…
Oh Wow....And I think it is a long trek when I have to take teen daughter to the ortho dr 1 1/2 hours away from me. I won't be complaining again! :)

Prayers coming your way..... :)

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