Three Cheers for Chiropractors

I went to the Chiropractor today and guess what?

I sprained my back.

Ok, technically he said I sprained something-or-other-about-vertebrae-numbered-something-or-other... but I couldn't tell you what it was to save my life.

Then he said "and you sure did a good job of it too".

That's right folks, I am a total overachiever. Aren't you proud? I should totally get a "Great Job screwing up your back!" sticker or something.

He told me that I have, thus far, avoided nerve damage and he suggested I keep it that way by not straining my back further. He told me not to lift things (like kids and boxes) and not to do anything that hurts (like unpack boxes, organize stuff, laundry, move).

Then he said "and yes, I know you just moved and that you have 3 kids but really, this is REALLY important... take my advice".

So I will.

But wow, it sure is making this whole parenting and unpacking and organizing and cleaning thing go especially slowly.

And yes, I realize the "don't do anything" command sounds like some sort of a gift or lovely vacation but since my back hurts like you would not BELIEVE just sitting here I would much rather be pain-free and back to work.

And just for future reference? Chiropractors are expensive.

Worth it.

But expensive.

I am going back on Monday and probably a few more times after that too.

And then on Tuesday we take Olivia to the city several hours East of us for her dental appointment where I really hope they tell me they don't have to just yank out her front teeth.

I am no longer AS worried about money because God is providing for us and I am grateful. I just keep reminding myself to have a little faith. Although I do admit that I am concerned about how we will afford Owen's upcoming birthday. And I am DETERMINED to give that kid a great birthday because he ALWAYS gets the short end of the stick. Seriously. He really deserves to have a great 6th birthday.

The worst part of this back thing? It hurts to sit at my desk which is really impeding my blogging process and all that goes along with it. So if it seems I have dropped off the face of the earth? I basically have. Sorry.

I'll be back soon I hope!

How are you all doing anyway?


Shoz said…
Oh T, when it rains it pours. I am sorry that life is hard for you right now. I feel your pain, well not the literal back pain kind but, the figurative having little to no money kind I get! Satan may have stopped me from being able to write you a big fat cheque, but he can't stop me from praying for you and loving you. I miss you today, big time.
Love Shoz
Tanya said…
So glad the chiro was able to help you.
Carrie said…
Glad it helped! Feel all better soon!
love reading your blog and saw this subject come up in your newsletter so wanted to say hope you feel better soon. they are high priced but worth it. A Chiropractor found the bone cancer in my moms back after a doctor said she was fine after just looking at xrays. take heed to his warnings and let it rest because any little twitch can make it worse until it heals. And your right God will provide where one window closes another he will open for you. Take Care Julie
Sorry to hear about your untimely back problems. Not that there is ever a 'good' time but this is definitely one of the worst times for it!

Ihurt my back a couple years ago and let me tell you: DO what Mr Chiro says!! If you do, it will be a few more visits but hopefully you'll be good as new. if not, you'll have problems fr a very long time!!

it's hard for mommies to do nothing and take it easy!
Kidazy said…
Oh, I hope you feel better soon! I have major back problems and they are awful. I buy Salon Pas patches in the icy hot section of our grocery store and they work really well to help with achey pains but most of all make sure you obey that chiropractor! Lots of resting.

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