(turkey art by Aiden)

My sweet friend Amanda wrote a very nice list of all she is thankful for on this Thanksgiving weekend (here in Canada). It has prompted me to follow her lead and be publicly thankful for all the amazing blessings we have been given... because even though life is a wee bit on the stressful side right now there is much more good than bad.

So here it is... what I am thanking God for this weekend:

1. my wonderfully supportive husband Doug. He goes above and beyond on a really regular basis and makes my life better. He is an amazing father and he likes to cook and even will do laundry. Plus he loves me :)

2. Aiden- I am so thankful for how much he has grown this year... he is a different child than the angry child we had a year ago. He is living with his challenges beautifully and I am just so proud of him. I am so thankful that he loves us still and that he gives me wonderful hugs and that he is trying so hard to be sensitive and caring. I think he is amazing.
(Owen, Aiden, and Olivia this morning)

3. Owen- he has transformed from a little boy to a big kid over the past year and I am so thankful for his gentle spirit. I am also thankful he has made a good friend this year in school and that he is coming into his own person more and more. He is just an all around great kid.

4. Olivia- my baby is not a baby anymore. I am thankful for her sweet cuddles and for all the amazing developments she has had this year. I am thankful that I get to hear her talking and singing to herself daily and that she adds a sparkle to my days.
(Turkey Art by Aiden)

5. my mom- I am thankful she decided to move to where we are so she can help with the kids. I am thankful that she loves my kids and they love her. I am thankful that she looks after them just to give me a break sometimes. My mom is cool.
(Turkey Art by Owen)

6. our church- they have accepted us beautifully into their midst and have been incredibly generous towards us. Plus they are genuinely like-able people :)
(by Owen)

7. our home- we have one. It is warm and has plenty of space. It is pretty and it is close to the boys' school. We are fed and clothed. What more could we ask for?

8. my computer- I love my computer and I love the community I have through it. Three cheers for internet friends!
(Thanksgiving "I Am Thankful" book by Aiden- the rest of the pictures)

9. my country- I love Canada and think it is the best place in the world to live. I am thankful for universal health care. I am thankful for diversity. I am thankful for the social supports we have. I am especially thankful for the child tax credit that I get each month. We'd be screwed without it. And I am thankful for the incredible natural beauty that I get to look at every day. It is just lovely.

10. my long distance friends and family... I miss them so much but am still so grateful to have them in my life.

11. God. He is taking care of us. Even when my faith is weak and I treat God like an afterthought instead of the main point He doesn't ditch me. That is very cool.

12. The teachers and the school and the folks at the assessment centre and the counsellors and the special needs resource person and all the other people who invest such time and energy into my children and our family. I really can't express just how thankful I am for those wonderful teachers!

And there are many more things I am thankful for- like my camera and TV and toys to entertain my kids- but I'll just lump all those into one category... added blessings in the form of STUFF. I hate cleaning it all up but am still so very thankful to have it!

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian friends- what are you thankful for today?


Happy Thanksgiving.......
(We don't celebrate turkeys until next month....)

I never realized this was Thanksgiving in Canada.....but I do now!
Anonymous said…
Love this post and all the memories it brought to mind. Yes, Owen is a beautiful boy, inside and out. Love the pictures. Love, Mom

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