Mythbusters Weird World of Water

We are fans of the Mythbusters on TV and now we are also fans of the Mythbusters activity kits! We were sent the Weird World of Water Kit to try out and it was so much fun! I love fun educational activities like this one.

Product Specifications
  • For ages 9+.
  • Includes: Activity guide, 15 yellow beads, 3 pieces of balsa wood, 2 soda bottles and caps, clear cylinder, clear straw, clear tube, fin holder, funnel, glitter, nose cone, pipette, red and yellow food coloring, stopper assembly, and vortex connector.
  • What you'll need: water (dur), baking soda, distilled vinegar, scissors, measuring tape or ruler, measuring cup, measuring spoons, potato, granulated sugar, and cups.
  • Myths: Pantry Projectile, Deadly Vortex, and Man Who Could Walk on Water.

Since the product is geared for kids a little older than mine my husband helped the boys . Aiden (age 7) and Owen (age 6) had SO much fun making their own experiments. The Weird World of Water Kit just received the FamilyFun Magazine 2009 T.O.Y. award and I can see why! I think an older child would be able to use this kit with little to no adult intervention. The Mythbusters activity kits are completely hands-on. Each kit has several myths to "bust" and kids are given the opportunity to discover the answers through trial and error. There are 3 different kits available at this time: Power of Air Pressure, Forces of Flight and Weird World of Water.
With the Weird World of Water Kit you can test the power of whirlpools, create a liquid rainbow, launch your own water-powered rocket, and more! The pictures in this post are of the whirlpool experiment. It really only took a few minutes to do the actual experiment but the fun lasted for a lot longer.
Even my 2 year old Olivia wanted to get in on the action and all 3 kids have watched the whirlpool dozens of times since we did our experiment. I have left the bottle out and every time one of them passes it they, without fail, pick it up and make the whirlpool happen again!

I am more than pleased with this product. The Mythbusters kits would be an amazing gift for the science kid in your life and a very fun way to get those science-resistant kids in your life interested in the fun of discovery!

Thanks to Elmer's and Team Mom for giving me the chance to review this very cool product!



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