hello from the land of H1N1

Well we are nearing the end of day 2 of our quarantine... and it hasn't been too bad yet. I mean, yes, it sucks. But it is nothing compared to things we have experienced in the past with the boys asthma. I have the boys taking massive amounts of asthma meds to keep that under control. Olivia and I seem to be getting worse but Doug apparently is feeling pretty good. We are hoping he manages to avoid the worst of H1N1.

The boys have had bouts of cabin fever but for the most part haven't minded being stuck at home just watching TV. Which, in and of itself, proves just how sick they are. Although I'm not sure how they will be doing by day 5 of the quarantine... never mind day 7. (recommended length)

In other news I got a call today from the financial assistance group that might be able to help us pay for Olivia's dental bills. The thing is they only work with one dentist in our area.... and it is NOT the dentist we have already seen. SO they would like us to meet with this other dentist on Monday. 4.5 hours away. Which means we have to drive 9 hours roundtrip on Monday in hopes that this new dentist will like us enough to take us on as her charity case :) I asked them if we should stay home because of the whole flu thing and they said no... the dentist only does clinics for folks like us (aka broke people) 4 times per year and so if we don't do it on Monday then we pretty much don't do it all.

The trip will be worth it though if they can help us pay the $2200 bill!!


onlinemommy said…
This is really sad when the kids are sick. And it is more difficult if we as mom are also sick.

I am hoping you and your little ones will get better soon.

And the dentist case, this is very bad, imagine travelling for 9 hours with a kid or kids but you have a point, it will be worth if they will pay that amount.

I am glad to have visit your site.
stacey dempsey said…
glad to hear you are getting better, i am now on tammi flu as i have really bad asthma and 2 of my kids too , hoping they dont come down with it, hoping it is mild but encouraging to hear it hasnt been too bad for you
Shoz said…
Oh T,
I am so sorry for you guys! That picture of Aiden looks so sad. :( That double sucks that you are feeling so crappy and you have to drag your butts out of the house to drive all that way to see the dentist! My prayers are with you!!! Love you all!
tina reynolds said…
Im so sorry for your family. I hope everything works out with the dentist. I have been trying for months to get my kids insurance. I will keep your family in my prayers.
Anonymous said…
Praying for your families health and also the important help you need with your daughters teeth!!!!!


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