Happy Halloween

It snowed here so we had to figure out costumes that could fit over snowsuits. The boys had superhero costumes but they have now been relegated to indoor play since they are not snow-suit friendly! Luckily we had these super cool Storm Trooper costumes made of rather stretchy fabric...

The boys were annoyed that they didn't have the proper weaponry to go with them but such is life. Olivia couldn't wear her princess costume at all and ended up wearing a tinkerbell nightgown over top of her snowsuit. Hence the ultra happy smiles in the above picture ;)

Since the boys are sick we didn't really do much trick or treating. We went to Grandma's house and then to a friend's house and a few other houses but were done in about 45 minutes.
Just enough time to fill their candy bags and then the boys were asking to go home. Olivia didn't even make it that long... she ended up in the van with Grandma!
Even with the snow it wasn't that cold out. And thanks to the meds the boys are on they were able to mostly enjoy the evening.
The definitely were not their energetic selves though. Aiden even fell asleep in the van on 5 minute drive home. Poor kid.
Our town actually has a very cool system. Trick-or-Treating is only allowed between the hours of 6 and 8 pm. That's it. And during that time the police are all over patrolling and even the ambulances drive around town. It keeps everything very family friendly and safe. I LOVE the time limit. Perfect.
All in all it was a relatively good evening... considering the week we have had!


great costumes!!! Hope your kids feel better soon.
Su-Ann said…
Too bad the costumes didn't fit over out-door clothing... someone never about that in summer when they were purchased, i am guessing...
glad they had fun, and you did an awesome job of finding something appropriate!
Unknown said…
Now, how cool would it be to get all our boys together? A Star Wars party for sure.

I LOVE the time limit for trick or treating. That really is great. I hate it when they start before 5 and are still going after 9. Just seems like too much for me.
Terra Heck said…
Hope everyone feels well soon. And, if you don't mind, you can keep the snow. I'm not ready for it.
Unknown said…
SNOW? OMG! Well, I'm glad they got to go out and enjoy themselves for a bit. Did they get any good candy? Great time limit and I'm glad it wasn't too cold.

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