Conversations I've had this morning

As I mentioned in my last post my kids are sick. I called the Doctor yesterday morning just to make sure I didn't need to take them in or anything because all the propaganda says to call. The nurse (for our family Doctor) asked me a ton of questions and then the conversation finished.

So the nurse calls me this morning and asks me how the boys are doing. This, in and of itself, is unusual. I update her and then I have this conversation:

Nurse: I talked to the doctor and we think you should take them in to the ER so we called ahead and let them know you are coming.

Me: why do I need to take them in?

Nurse: because they have asthma we really feel they should be checked out

Me: ok (long internal sigh and feeling of resignation) and off we went.

Eventually (after about an hour wait... which is not a bad wait at all for our ER) we saw the Doctor and he asked me the regular questions and about their asthma and meds etc. SO as I always do with doctors I pull out my handy dandy list of medications that the boys are on and started rattling them off.

The doctor stops and looks at me and we have this conversation:

Doctor: You've done this before haven't you.

Me: yes. yes I have. The nurse seemed more worried about them than I am. They are breathing well right now and that is basically the only thing that ever really worries me.

Doctor :Yes, making sure their asthma is under control is what we have to watch for with this flu so it is good that you brought them in. But you definitely have it well under control. Well done.

Then this wonderful doctor turns to my sons and says "look at your mom boys... she looks tired. I am betting she has been up with you guys a LOT the past few nights. You guys need to go home and rest LOTS. In fact maybe you should take a nap this afternoon too so your mom can take a rest too."

And then the Doctor starts explaining what colour their pee needs to be to get well again. That cracked the boys right up.

Doctor: well done mom, keep doing what you are doing and keep them hydrated, you can go home now

Me: so just to clarify- I don't need to bring them, or anyone else in our family, back unless they are having difficulty breathing, if their asthma is out of control or if they are dehydrated... right?

Doctor: yes. you are doing just fine on your own.

Me: (with relief) thank-you very much (and we left)

My husband and I had a laugh about it on our way home because honestly? They very rarely tell us anything we don't already know. I guess that is the joy/curse of being parent of asthmatics.

So the kids have fevers and Doug and I are not feeling to hot either but it is all good because we can all breath just fine! And that REALLY is the main point :)


Jennifer said…
Just found your site. Great post! I so feel for you. I have one with mild asthma and one who teeters on the edge of the diagnosis. Was at the doctor on Monday doing basically the same thing. I've done it so many times I know what drugs to ask for...Hang in there and hope you and your husband feel better.
Tanya said…
So grateful the kids are fine, and glad for that doctor. He sounds great. ;)

We are continuing to pray for your family.
What an awesome doctor!
Danielle said…
I'm so glad the doctor doesn't see anything you need to be concerned about and that the asthma is under control. I hope you all get well really quickly!

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