and here we go again

I have 3 sick kids.

Aiden is, as per usual, the most sick of the three thus far. He has a fever and his cold has firmly planted itself smack dab in the middle of his chest. His asthma is out in full force... but controlled so far.

Owen is rapidly catching up to Aiden... but his asthma isn't too bad so far.

Olivia is just starting and I am trying to figure out how to convince her to take her asthma pills- they supposedly taste good and melt on the tongue but she won't keep it in her mouth no matter what I do. Clearly she doesn't understand just how important those tiny pills are.

And just to make things interesting? My chest is tight and my asthma is acting up too. Because that makes parenting 3 sick kids WAAYYYY easier.


Prayers appreciated.

Our goal is to avoid severe bronchitis/pneumonia. Thus avoiding the hospital.


Unknown said…
Sorry to hear. :(

I really, really hate when the kids are sick...and we don't have asthma here.

Praying for no emerg visits.

Feel better soon!
Connie Walsh said…
I'm thinking you should change your blog name because your view of the world is probably a little limited right now :-( I am so sorry you've got the yuckies. We are on our last leg (please hope) of a VERY long bout with it.
It's almost sad that you and I blog about these things because it helps us keep track of how much sickness runs rampant in our homes (and makes us discouraged), when the truth is, it's normal. Think of it as your children are building their immunities (that's what I told myself with our three weeks of that stinking H1N1).
I will pray that it won't move into your babies lungs. I didn't realize Olivia had asthma as well! Bless.

PS, I need your new home address. It's almost that time of year when I address cards for Christmas that never get sent :-)
HUGS, friend!
Danielle said…
You are definitely in my prayers. We are getting tight, wheezy chests and some coughing over here as well. So far no fevers or anything and fortunately we don't have asthma to compound the problem, so hopefully we'll all just get through this with nothing major too. It's that time of the year and with all the swine flu scare going on, it just makes it extra yucky. I hope your family all gets feeling better quickly!
I'm praying you ALL feel better very soon with no hospital necessary! :)
Unknown said…
I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope the asthma stays under control and that you don't get sick... er? Try to rest as much as you can (easier said with the kids, I know) and get a lot of fluids. Don't forget to take your medicine!
Shelagh said…
Sending you 'get better' thoughts. Virtual chicken noodle soup, and lots of hand soap!

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