Wordless Wednesday- Owen's new skill!


Colleen said…
Wait to go Owen! I've never figured out how to do that. or should I say - I've never been strong enough to do that.
oh and William has those shoes too - aren't they the best?
LadyBug-Kellie said…
What an awesome new skill! And I love how you captured it move by move - you can really just imagine him doing it! Very fun!
Carmen said…
Way to go!! Great accomplishment. It's fun to watch the milestones in your children's lives.
Danielle said…
Wow! That's pretty darn good!

Oh, and my youngest son, Asher, has those same Cars shoes and everywhere we go, people comment on them. He is going to be heartbroken when winter comes along and he can't wear them anymore...and even moreso when he discovers they don't fit anymore by spring!

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