Sun-Rype review

My son Aiden is a horrible eater. He is not just picky, he actually hates food and tells us regularly that he does NOT want to eat. Anything. Ever. And then of course his younger brother started copying him. For years we have been trying to find creative ways to keep their diet healthy and one of my personal favourites is Sun-Rype products. I absolutely adore them.

We have been drinking their spectacular 100% REAL fruit juices since Aiden was a toddler. I was thrilled when they added fruit and veggie juices to their line up.

The kids all love the Raspberry Orange fruit & veggie juice and I love it too. I mean just look at this list of ingredients:

Fruit juices from concentrate (filtered water, concentrated apple, raspberry and orange juices), vegetable juices from concentrate (filtered water, concentrated carrot, celeriac, lettuce, beet, parsley, watercress and spinach juices), citric acid (for tartness), natural flavour, colour, vitamin C.
You see that? No added sugar and no artificial flavours or colours! Plus each 200ml juice box of Sun-Rype's 100% Fruit Plus Veggies juices provides 2 servings of fruits and vegetables plus 100% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C. Plus they are delicious. Really!

Now I can be sure my kids won't get scurvy :)
I send Sun-Rype 100% Fruit Juice boxes in my sons' lunches everyday. They are, in my opinion, the perfect drink for school - brain food and no unnecessary sugar high resulting in the unecessary sugar induced crash. Aiden already has ADHD and he certainly doesn't need ME making it worse by sending him liquid-kid-crack to drink everyday. Some of the juice boxes we've looked at in the past should really say "Made with 100% sugar: may contain traces of real fruit" on their labels. Yuck.

If you'd like to know what is in your fruit snacks head on over to!

My boys like those crappy no-actual-fruit-included "fruit" snacks... you know the ones with SpongeBob or Transformers on them but are mostly just wax, oil and sugar? Ya. Those. But since they are literally garbage I have been encouraging the Sun-Rype fruit to go strips, squiggles, and fun bites instead.

I have had to explain numerous times that just because a commercial or label says the word "fruit" does not mean it is actually healthy. I explained that those "fruit" snacks are made out of pretend fruit flavour and disgusting junk, not real food.

The Sun-Rype snacks are all 100% REAL fruit. I LOVE that I can give these snacks to my kids and KNOW that they are eating something healthy.

Olivia literally gobbles up the fun bites like nobody's business! Owen loves the Strawberry fruit strips and Aiden thinks the squiggles are fun to eat.

We had never tried the Sun-Rype Fruit to Go Apple Crisps before and I must say they are delicious! They are crispy and sweet and the perfect take-along snack for Miss. Olivia. Grandma thinks they are fabulous too :)

I'm sure I sound like a commercial right now but honestly, we have been buying Sun-Rype products for years and we have been 100% satisfied!

My American friends to the South can head to for more information!

*I was sent samples of each product to try with my family as part of a BzzAgent campaign.*


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