packing packing and more packing

I am knee deep in packing and should be at LEAST waist deep by now... so I am spending an exorbitant amount of time NOT on my computer. Sad isn't it?

However we called the computer doctor today and they told me my MAC has been miraculously healed. Go figure! They can't find anything wrong with it and I get it back tomorrow. YAY!

Olivia freaked out so bad this morning when I mentioned swimming lessons that we pulled her out. It just isn't worth all the tears. We rescheduled to try again in a few months.

I am going to go take a break and watch the season premiere of House now. Back to packing bright and early in the morning!


A.Marie said…
YAY for the healing of the MAC! Good Luck with your packing today...If I lived closer, I'd come and help you! :)

BTW: that is a smart idea to wait awhile with your daughter's swim lessons; I was so scared at my swim lessons, when I was 8, and never really did get over the whole experience!
Cookie said…
Oh, love those computer "fixers" nothing is ever wrong until they give it back.
Good luck with packing!
Nancy said…
I'm glad your computer is better! Yeah!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com
Unknown said…
Good call on taking a break to watch house. What a good show it was.
I'm just watching season 3 of house on dvd right now. Gotta love the sarcasm.

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