I am surrounded by half un-packed boxes and chaos and my back is unbelievably sore messed up. I am hopped up on Robaxacet muscle relaxants and using frozen peas as an ice pack. I should go to a chiropractor but since we are currently trying to save every last penny we can for Olivia's dentist appointment in a week that just isn't going to happen. I am hoping God just heals me. Preferably within the next few minutes.

Our new house is nice. It is a duplex and the folks who live next door have 4 kiddos... and I must admit it is a little confusing for me! I keep hearing their kiddos and thinking it is mine!

And oh the laundry pile I have... it is astounding.

I am really sad about my back. I just don't understand why everything seems to happen at once.


Unknown said…
I am sorry to hear about your back and I hope your healing comes soon. Good luck with the laundry. I've been tackling my mound today. I'm one load away from the most dreaded part for me - putting it away! I'm glad to hear you like your home.
mail4rosey said…
I know it's sometimes easier said than done, but focus on the good things and the rest will take care of itself. I hope that doesn't sound patronizing, I have just found that to be true in even the most trying of times. Many good thoughts for you, and I know your back will be healing up soon.

Melanie S said…
Oh man! I feel for ya, hon - I've had my back go out on me before, and I know how much that hurts! And yes, it's inconvenient, it always happens at the worst times (ha - like there's such a thing as a convenient time with little kids!).

Listen - this is important! - the laundry can wait. Unpacking can wait. If there's something absolutely needed, then do it, but ALL THE REST CAN WAIT!

Your back hurts because you've been overdoing it. Let it recuperate. REST!!!!! Ask your older kiddos to help with the younger. Take it easy as much as possible. Your back is trying (loudly!) to tell you it needs a break. Give it one! You can catch up later when it feels better.

Don't feel bad about not being able to go to the chiropractor - it's not the best time when your back is spasming anyway. Oh, I have sooo been there! Ouchie!!

Oh, and one more thing - be careful with the Robaxacet. I've done that before: it makes things feel better, more mobile, so you will be tempted to try and get a bunch of work done. DON'T! You will most likely injure your back more. Let it heal!

Take care of yourself, momma!
Love Melanie
Shelagh said…
Doctor's Rx: bath, bubbles, epsom salts (for back), candles, quiet. And don't forget Vitamin I. That's Ibuprofen, my friend! Take care.
Tanya said…
Bummer. This so stinks!!

Praying for you to feel better soon.

And in the meantime, take it easy. The laundry and unpacking can wait.

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