Olivia's First Day of Nursery School!

Today was Olivia's orientation day at nursery school.
She was SO excited to go this morning!
It was hard to get her to stand still long enough to get a decent picture!
But she sure looked cute.
We walked the block to the school and she kept running ahead and then running back... so funny.
Everything went great... except she doesn't like the school bathroom because it is big and noisy and the seat is too big and made her nervous... so she refused to go... except in her pants of course.


We now have the distinction of being the only parents to have a child poop in her pants on the first day of nursery school. I'm so proud.

The teacher says they will give her a couple weeks to adjust to "toileting" at school and if it doesn't happen by then she will have to withdraw and wait until January.

But I don't think that will happen because Olivia LOVES her school. She has asked to go back several times today. I keep telling her she has to remember to go in the potty if she wants to keep going to school!

And we have the date for her first dental specialist appointment- October 6. We are also on a cancellation list so if a date comes up sooner we will go sooner. Apparently it is a 45 minute consultation where we all decide on a "course of treatment". Ya... we are really going to love driving 8ish hours round-trip to go to a 45 minute appointment.

And then we will have to AGAIN drive the 8ish hour round-trip drive for her actual appointment whenever that might be. My poor kiddo!!


I love that she pooped on her first day of school. It's great. She is beautiful. God bless her.

I found you on Mom Bloggers Club. You have a very sweet and beautiful blog.


Carrie said…
She's beautiful! Happy first day of nursery school.
Shoz said…
No way!!! they won't take into consideration that you have to drive 8 hours and do it all on one long appointment? Call and give em' hell girl!

And poop or no poop that kid of yours is so very stunning!!! I love her to death. (Even if she likes Dale better.)

I am praying for you guys.
Love ya.
Bcteagirl said…
Awww.. sounds like she really loves here school and I bet she will adjust!
She is such a cutie!! I hope the toilet adjustment goes well!

Have you found a place to move to yet?

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