of COURSE my computer died this week!

My beloved MAC is currently at the computer doctor where I am hopeful they will be able to retrieve all the stuff on my hardrive. Unfortunately we will need to purchase a NEW hardrive to put the stuff back on.


Let's just go over all that is happening in my life right now:

- all three kids have dental issues and we've had multiple appointments this past week and several more to come... which we have yet to pay for but will certainly have to pay a portion of soon.
- we are moving in a week. stress.
- I started the process of Owen's assessment
- Aiden and Owen both have new asthma medications to start on
- I have a ton of packing and cleaning to do
- Olivia started nursery school and then got pulled out of nursery school for refusal to use the potty
- we signed a lease and handed over an unbelievable amount of money to our new landlords today... it made me a little light headed.
- my beloved MAC computer died a sad and painful death and I am finding it surprisingly difficult to get any of my work done on my husband's old laptop.
- we bought appliances for our new home with money someone graciously donated to us anonymously... we are more than thankful since it is very hard to live without a fridge and stove.

I'm sure there is more but I am overwhelmed just thinking about it all.

So if I have forgotten something important please forgive me... life is rather chaotic right now.


Heidi V said…
I hope that things calm down real soon for you and good luck on the new place. I almost forgot I hope your MAC feels better soon also!! =)
Unknown said…
Oh my, I know how that can be with so many big things going on at once. I hope you get a chance to relax very soon. Try taking a deep breath and pausing for just 10 minutes each day to regroup or drink a cup of tea or something.

Sorry about the computer.
I almost cried when you said you had an anonymous donor. Tara, the Lord is certainly aware of you and I'm praying for you. One day girl, we're gonna swap toddler stories of a hot drink and donuts :-)

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