it is almost time...

Things are pretty darn busy around here. We move tomorrow and I am surrounded by boxes. And since I like to keep things interesting around here I messed up my back yesterday (of course) so all this packing boxes is just tons of fun. NOT.

In theory I should have internet access at least in some measure all weekend and Monday... but one can never be sure about these things. I've noticed the company is far less concerned about whether I have access or not than I am.

My boys get to go to a birthday party tonight and then are spending the day with grandma tomorrow- hopefully that will help Aiden not be quite so panicky about moving. Poor kid. Moves stress him out something fierce. Doug is going to set the trampoline up right away for him so he can bounce his stress right out.
SO off I go to get back to work. I am SO done with this moving nonsense!!


I certainly don't envy you right now. I find moving stressful and I hate chaos!!

Will keep your family in our prayers this weekend!
dor said…
I moved in June and I was excited thinking about what new adventures I would have in my new place and was thankful for the ones I had in the place I was leaving. May I leave a link to a perfume giveaway for Connected2Christ? If so..thanks:

dorcontest at gmail dot com
Nancy said…
I hope things go as smoothly as possible for you. Moving is always so hectic. Best wishes!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com
Shelagh said…
Moving has got to be the most unsettling thing in the world. I would be jumping on the trampoline with Aiden! Good luck.

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