hello from the land of cardboard

We moved.

It was chaotic.

We are tired.

Yep. That about sums it up :)

We are thankful for all the wonderful help we had and so thankful to be done the moving part. I am surrounded by half open boxes. I am very happy to have access to the internet once again!

The kids have handled this move surprisingly well. Aiden and Olivia have breezed through. Only Owen has had a few moments of tears and sadness over leaving the other house. Both boys have had a few tummy aches though. It is a lot to handle.

I really do like our new home... and I will like it even better once I get it organized a bit! I'll get some pictures up once you can see more than boxes :)

Speaking of which, I'm off to unpack more boxes... the fun just never ends around here!


Emily B said…
Big changes! I hate moving :) but unpacking is kind of fun, once you get some of that cardboard out of the way. I like finding places to put things, and you can always start out being really organized in a new house (and hopefully it will stay that way!). Good luck with it!
Natalie said…
just a quick comment to let you know i have been reading and praying for you during this transition time... again. just haven't had time to comment!

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