First Day of School!

Aiden is starting grade 2 and Owen is starting grade 1. The were super excited this morning.
The drop off at school was a little rough but I am sure both boys are doing great now. Their teachers seemed very nice.
Aiden has a new Aid this year which makes me a little sad. But hopefully they will connect well and it will be a good match.
Olivia doesn't start playschool for another couple weeks but she wanted to join in the fun too...
I must admit it is a little odd around here with only one kid at home! I'm sure I can get used to it though :)


Unknown said…
Tanya said…
Can't remember, is Olivia still napping? If so, take advantage of it! ;)
Anonymous said…
Hi Tara,
The boys look so grown up and handsome on their first day of school. Hoping it went extra well, and that they're still excited about school. Olivia will love play school, or is it nursery school? Great photography, Sweetheart.
Love, Mom

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