I took my baby to the dentist today.

She chipped her front tooth months ago and I checked with our dentist in our old town and he said not to worry about it unless it turned black. So I didn't worry about it. But then her other front tooth started chipping. And they both started getting worse and worse and it started to freak me out. So we took her in today. And the dentist informed me that it was a good thing I brought her in because her enamel is disintegrating and "abscessing" was "imminent" and it needed to be fixed immediately.

So we have to take my baby girl to the city, about 4 hours away, where she will get her teeth "fixed" under general anaesthetic. From what I've heard "fixed" is code for yanking them out and leaving her front-toothless for the next four or five years until her adult teeth come in. That does not please me. But having her teeth abscess and causing her huge pain doesn't thrill me either. So off we go to the specialist.

The Dentist told me that if I don't hear from the specialist by Friday I should call back. He told us this is "urgent".

Poor kid.
So I am feeling a wee bit stressed ... we are moving in 16 days, Olivia starts nursery school on Friday, Aiden has a follow-up appointment with his specialist pediatrician tomorrow, the boys have their dentist check-ups next week, Olivia starts her swimming lessons next week... and that is only the tip of the iceberg. I could go on and on and on... but don't worry, I won't :).


Unknown said…
Hugs!!! Like you needed this stress. But, having had my little one put 'under' a couple times, that's not so bad. And yet...totally brutal that this has to happen. Trips are stressful. The beginning of fall is stressful. Moving is stressful. Appointments are stressful. Having a little girl with missing front teeth for the next how ever many years, also stressful. Wish I was closer so I could come and help!
Bcteagirl said…
Oh no! I hope it went well. In my recent experience when one dentist tells you not to worry about it another one will tell you it is horrible and needs to be treated right away... (So I am going it to get it treated lol). Poor kid. Hope things calm down for you soon!
I didn't know! I am so sorry. I just read back through the whole saga-- I am so sorry! This must have been a terrible time for you Tara.

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