Dentist Angst

We took Aiden to his dentist appointment today and he did really well! Unfortunately he has THREE cavities. Three. Apparently we have not been flossing his back teeth well enough. Although they did tell us we are doing a great job keeping his teeth clean and these are "flossing cavities". Go figure.

Aiden has to go back for the first of 3 appointments on Friday. I'm sure he is just going to love that.

A couple weeks ago I found this Spiderman action figure randomly propped up in a corner of our basement...

That is sort of how I feel about all these dentist appointments!

Owen has his appointment tomorrow.

Have mercy.

Oh, and we have to pull Olivia out of nursery school because she has fully regressed in her potty training... it's like we never started. Oh well. I blame the move.


Oh Tara. Take a deep breath (in through the nose, out through the mouth) and let it go. What is, is. As someone reminded me, by the time they go to kindergarten, they'll pee in the potty.

Looking back over the toddler and early school years of our older children, I realize that a lot of the parental stress I felt was due to my expectations that they should be just a little older than they actually were. (Once they started talking, I expected them to have complete understanding of the spoken word; once they were potty trained I expected them to be completely reliable all the time.) With Neala I'm trying so hard to remember: she's only the age she is, and her behaviour is not designed to annoy me (most of the time) and she just is who she is, growing up at the rate that is natural for her. I don't know if that's helpful at all, but you have a lot of things on your plate, as far as stress goes, so release yourself from whatever of it you can!

Tonight, the girl who has gone to bed more or less without a fuss for 2 and a half years cried bitter, bitter tears as I left the room, reaching out to me: "Mommy! Mommy! More cuddles!" Where did that come from? Kids happen!

Tanya said…
Hang in there, sweetie!
Unknown said…
Hugs! Sorry to hear about Olivia. So proud of Aiden for doing well. Oh, and I have a "flossing" cavity too. Good times.

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