Dental Humiliation

So I took Owen to the dentist this morning and we had this lovely conversation in the FULL waiting room...

Owen: I am ALWAYS going to be younger than Aiden. It's NOT fair!!

Me: Ah yes, but you will ALWAYS be older than Olivia!

Owen: ya hehehehe (insert evil cackle here)

~ colours peacefully for about a minute ~

Owen: When I was born did I come out of your VAGINA (said at top of lungs volume)

Me: um, yes... shhhhhhh! (thought process- no no no no we can't possibly be talking about this in the middle of the waiting room!)

Owen: When I came out of your VAGINA did you PEE me out? (insert maniacal laughter here)

Me: um, no. (thought process- ABORT ABORT ABORT must stop this conversation NOW!) Hey what a great picture of SpongeBob that is you are colouring!
(thought process- why the heck did we teach him the real names for private parts???)

Dental Hygienist: Owen it's your turn!

Me: (thought process- oh thank-you God!) Let's go Owen (rushing loud child away from laughing waiting room people)

All in all the visit went well... we had a few more fascinating conversations with the lovely Dental Hygienist of course but thankfully private parts were not mentioned again. Owen does have TWO cavities (seriously we are sucking at the tooth care apparently) but they don't need to fix them because they are on teeth that will fall out soon.

I'm relieved.

I bet that office just can't wait to see us again on Friday for Aiden's "dental repair" appointment (first of 3). Yikes.


Becky said…
You just gotta love that...young kids are just fine discussing those lovely things anywhere...especially if you are willing to talk with them at home. I had those lovely moments...never so glad to see the dentist and get away from the waiting room. The funny part is I think most of us were born this way!?
That was awesome! (and by "awesome" I mean utterly humiliating!) Thanks for the laugh though.
Shoz said…
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Have I told you lately how much I love you and your kids? I do, the whole lot of ya!!!
renee said…
That was a great converstion, had me laughing out loud. Thanks for the chuckle.
Tanya said…
I'm sorry, but I just can't stop laughing!!!

Bless your heart.
Unknown said…
Lmao, that is hilarious! You should totally participate in my Kids Say Sunday meme I just started, perfect content ;)
Unknown said…
ha ha ha. Pee me out? love it.
Oy! I bet that was the best entertainment the receptionist got all day!

Okay, seriously, it's only funny because it wasn't me.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Long time no see. I hope all has been going well with you - I'll come back and see for myself when I have more time.
Unknown said…
That's pretty funny. Sounds like something that would happen to me. Reminds me of a story my children's father told me when he had the kids. They were in the store and a lady spoke to our middle daughter. My daughter, who was about 2 at the time I think, responded, "Penis." And wouldn't stop saying it. I thought it was funny. He was not so amused.
Danielle said…
Oh man! That is hilarious! I understand the embarrassment though too. I'm big on using the real words for things too, but it has made for some really embarrassing moments for us too!
karenmed409 said…
oh my goodness, i almost choked on my coffee reading this.
Carmen said…
Kids, ya gotta love them! I'm still laughing.
So glad it was you this time and not me (believe me, Miss Ky might give him a run for loudest child discussing body parts) only we've renamed it to PahJInah.

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