Weekly Winners- exploring summer

This week we went exploring at the beautiful Aaron Provincial Park on Thunder Lake here in Sunset Country, Northwest Ontario. We saw the most amazing mushrooms growing everywhere!

My mom and Olivia had fun playing in the beautiful lake.

We also took my Aunt & Uncle to Sandy Beach right here in Dryden.

We had fun watching this little chipmunk forage for food...

And of course we brought everyone to one of the most gorgeous places around here- Blue Lake Provincial Park.

Doesn't it just make you want to travel here and see it yourself??

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Tara R. said…
All the mushrooms are amazing. So many different shapes and colors.
Jeanette said…
My word what a lot of mushrooms! Love the last shot
Connie Walsh said…
Aiden is so cute, I've been looking for a pic of him. I don't read every day so I must have missed him. What a cutie.
What a fabulous set! Love those toes and the orange in the first photo.
mmichele said…
I came on to say something about those amazing mushrooms, as well. I always wish I knew which ones I could eat!

And your kids, as ever, gorgeous.

Also hoping to hear some good news about a place to live, and SOON!

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