WAT-AHH! review

A few weeks ago I was asked to take the WAT-AHH! challenge. I was sent some samples of WAT-AHH! for my kids to try. All three of my kids loved the bottles and as soon as I opened the box they wanted to try one. They were surprised that it was "just" water but they still continued to drink it...

Here is some information from the press release:
A new line of water is aiming to help combat the obesity epidemic by offering the first healthy drink alternative specially targeted to kids and teens. New York-based, Let Water Be Water, LLC, announces the launch of WAT-AAH!(TM), a premium line of sugar-free, functional water for kids ages 6-15.

No other water product currently on the market for kids and teens can claim to be 100 percent free of artificial flavors, artificial colors, additives and sugar.

WAT-AAH!’s marketing aims to make water more exciting, desirable and cool to today’s youth. The bottle and graphics, the functional ingredients, the advertising campaign and the Web site were designed to captivate modern kids whose brand and design sensibilities are increasingly becoming more adult-like. The brand’s debut ad campaign, a series of 10-second spots featuring kids screaming the benefits of water, can be viewed at drinkwataah .com.

WAT-AAH! currently has 4 products available in the USA:
  • WAT-AAH! Bones, the first premium water with calcium to help bone growth
  • WAT-AAH! Brain, the first premium water with added electrolytes to encourage faster absorption, hydration and cooling down
  • WAT-AAH! Energy, the first premium water with electrolytes and oxygen for increased metabolic function and energy
  • WAT-AAH! Body, the foundation for the brand with simple and super clean water, absolutely free of sugar
I think this is a great product. My boys loved the bottles enough that they wanted to keep them after they were through and use them with their water guns. I love the fact that WAT-AHH! is actually pure water and therefore perfectly healthy. If the clever design makes it more appealing to kids than I am all for it. I DO wish the bottles had some sort of sport-top to make spills a little less likely though. Just as a point of interest my son Aiden loved the WAT-AHH! website :) It is definitely geared to their target audience. Overall we were ALL very pleased with WAT-AHH!

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