Thank-you Government Funding!

The lovely Canadian Government gave us a check for Aiden recently of almost $500. The catch was we had to spend on something therapeutic for him and his autism. They suggested things like sending him to a special needs camp or equipment for his occupational therapy. The main focus for Aiden's occupational therapy is finding things that help him self-calm, help him become more aware of how his body works, and help him work of all that pent up energy and aggression.

Solution? Bouncing! Aiden loves bouncing. He has been using our bed for years. It is his thing.

Our Occupational Therapist suggested those tiny indoor trampolines since we didn't have a lot of cash but with the government funding we were able to purchase a full size trampoline that - in theory- will help him for years to come! Our bed will have to suffice in the middle of winter :)

We are super excited.

And so are the kids!

This is perfect timing too with our upcoming move. Aiden will NEED a way to release some serious anxiety. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and winter will stay away long enough for him to enjoy it for awhile!


Awesome I see many hours of bouncing. I got my child an indoor swing and that has proved to be the best therapeutic purchase ever.
SimplyBillie said…
That is great! My boys love trampolines. Sounds like a good choice!
Connie Walsh said…
What a great idea!! Way To Go Mom!!
tawndam said…
that's wonderful! All I can think of is the movie 'Snow Cake'... ;-) If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it!
Tanya said…
Cool! Love the color!
AussieMaz said…
There is so muh fun to be had with a trampoline! Enjoy.
Fantastic Idea. They look really happy on the trampoline.
Shoz said…
Finally a decision made by the government that I can support!!! I am glad that this came when it did! Do you have pic's of the new place yet? Are you happy with it? Is there any assurance that this one will not sell within the year and cause you to scramble again? I just need a little more info.
Anonymous said…
I am sooooooooo happy for your family!

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