One More Sleep

I have decided that school is expensive.

We went back-to-school shopping the other day and I almost had a panic attack over the unbelievable cost of everything. I could have seriously used a winning lottery ticket or some Walmart coupons at the very least!! Tragically I had neither. We did manage to find the boys some very stylish outfits and they chose their "perfect" pencil cases and ultra cool backpacks... and I didn't hyperventilate once! :)

The boys are actually very excited about their new clothes. Aiden has decided he is only going to wear black this year... and I'm really hoping that is just a colour preference and not a mood indicator!! Both boys are very particular about what they will and will not wear and there was a lot of "do you like this shirt?" with the "NO" response... apparently they didn't care if that shirt was on sale and half the price of the shirt they DID like.


Personally I prefer shopping online. I can take breaks when I shop online. I don't have to run after my kids when I use coupons! I don't have to drag Olivia out from under the various product displays if I am shopping with my handy-dandy discounts. Instead of trying to read the back of a book and wrangle three kids at the same time I can shop in blissful online peace.

But alas, I was forced to herd my exuberant offspring around several different real-life stores in our quest for school-preparedness.

And I think we did it!

Which is a very good thing considering SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW!!

(insert happy dance here)

Now I have to go and label all those lovely shiny new school supplies.

The fun times just never end around here :)


Amanda Daybyday said…
Couldn't agree more. I love me my online shopping.

And my boys are very particular about their clothing choices too.
Anonymous said…
The kids can't help it that they have good fashion sense! Love your blog! Love, Mom

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