Oh-livia JOY!

Do you see this adorable child with her pretty purple sunglasses and pretty princess clip-on earrings? She did something worth celebrating today...

I am about to tell you all something that will absolutely horrify my daughter one day I am sure.

But I don't care.

I am too darn excited.
My Olivia pooped in the potty today for the very first time!!

I'm so proud :)

Now those of you without small children are probably thinking to yourself "eewww gross" and "who cares??".

But what you may not realize is that this momentous occasion signifies the beginning of the end of my diaper changing days!!!! And that? is definitely something to celebrate!

I have been changing multiple diapers every. single. day for the past 2670 days (or 7 years, 3 months and 22 days).

That is a whole lotta diapers my friends.

And seriously- is she not the cutest thing?

So all you momma's of older children out there... did you celebrate the end of your diaper changing days? Or did it pass by almost unnoticed? And for those of you in the same boat as me- can you see the light at the end of the tunnel yet?


Tanya said…
Yay!! for you. And YES, she is totally adorable.

To answer your question, no I did not celebrate the end of diapers ... it was a sad milestone for me b/c it meant my baby was growing up. And I didn't have multiple kids in diapers, so maybe that makes a difference in my outlook.

And I didn't change all that many diapers, I had to go back to work when each of my kids was 6 weeks old, so someone else got a lot of that "joy."

But I'm rejoicing with you. This is a big, happy transition for you all (and help with expenses a TON!)
Congratulations! (you may be connected to a potty for a while, but somehow it's so much better than diapers)Hallelujah!
Must be good potty days because Neala pooped in the big potty all by herself yesterday! We definitely celebrate the end of diapers. Not only is it the end of changing yucky diapers, but it is a big step of independence for a little person. We're down to just nighttime diapers and it's great (and we only had one in diapers this time).
Pat yourself on the back and go have a coffee/tea/smoothie/doughnut/g&t (whatever it is you find most celebratory!).
Unknown said…
Me? Pretty sure I have about a year left. Ah well. It's all good. As far as diapers go...Finleigh's aren't so bad.
Holly said…
I've got teenagers so I'm celebrating the first day they mow the grass, clean their rooms, take out the trash, etc. Visiting from over at TheBlogFrog (congrats on your new community) - so nice to discover your blog. If you ever have any questions, just let us know!

Holly (co-founder of TheBlogFrog)
YEA YOU!!!!!! I share your joy, but since O is two months younger than mine...K and I are having a talk in the morning.

She's all for wearing the underwear and celebrating her accomplishments, but it's all on her terms-- when she wants to do it. stubborn child.. oh, am I ranting in your comments section? Sorry.

Congrats!! Here's to burning all your diaper coupons!
Caroline said…
I only had one at a time in diapers, so it wasn't such a big deal for me. I can certainly see why you'd be celebrating - I have a friend that is in the exact same place as you!:) My baby leaves home for college tonight, and I've been wishing for more toddler time:(
Anonymous said…
Yeah for Olivia! I work in childcare, so I understand how momentous this can be. :)

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