my new haircut

I thought this picture Doug took of me yesterday showed my new do nicely :)


So cute! I like it!
Very cute! You have beautiful naturally curly hair. Mine is straight with some strange waves in random places. LOL

I'm actually looking to change my hairstyle. If you get a chance, stop by my blog and help me out with a new hairstyle!
A.Marie said…
Ooohhh...that is really cute on you! :)
matt0701 said…
It looks great! Beautiful hair and beautiful eyes!
dor said…
It's always nice to get a new hair cut. Looks great.

dorcontest at
Anonymous said…
Love your new do, and you are lovely too! Love, Mom
Mommy Reporter said…
Yes... very cute!!
Kelle said…
Love the new haircut!!

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