Hot Wheels Battle Force 5

My sons are incredibly excited for this new show coming soon...

On September 13th, Hot Wheel’s Battle Force 5speeds onto TELETOON®. It’s an all new action-packed adventure series that will take kids on a thrill ride with every episode. Five road gladiators have to save the world through high speed crash and bash demolition car combat. Going grill to grill against alien invaders, the defense of our world depends on these cars and their fearless drivers.

While Aiden was watching the preview I wrote down his responses. Here are just a few...

"MOM! I totally want to see that movie!"

"I didn't know they were so advanced like that to have drivers even"

"whoa, look what those cars can do!"

"I really want those cars"

"Please get whoever gave you that show to send us the movie"

"I'm serious...I think it's awesome...I think the driver's are awesome"

Needless to say I think it is going to be a big hit with my kids! They are very very VERY excited for the show and the toys to go along with it :).

And just so you have something to look forward to: the very cool folks from Hot Wheels will be offering a thrilling prize pack to give-away to one of my valued readers (NOT YET... this is just a warning that it WILL happen!). The prize pack will include action figures, vehicles and a race track from the series that will have kids feeling like they’re in the fantasy world of Battle Force 5™.
The prize pack includes ($60 value):
  • Hot Wheels® Battle Force 5™ Big Battle Vehicle with Figure Assortment
  • Hot Wheels® Battle Force 5™ Vehicle Assortment
  • Hot Wheels® Battle Force 5™ Battle Key Track set (not available until October)
  • Large sized poster showcasing the coolest cars from Hot Wheels® for 2009

So be sure to keep a watch out for that extra cool giveaway... coming SOON to this very blog!


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