crash bang boom!

Wow... we had the most amazing storm last night and this morning!! Yesterday was the hottest day we have had all summer and then BANG at about 1 am the storm just crashed in. It was pretty cool actually- thunder booming and lightening zigzagging endlessly across the sky. It mellowed out a bit throughout the night but then first thing this morning a huge BOOOOOMMMM woke the kids and I up.

It was kind of funny because Doug and I had forgotten to close up our tent trailer windows last night (we are getting it ready for camping) so when the storm woke me up I said "DOUG! There is tons of thunder and lightening and the rain is coming and the trailer is open"... my poor husband vaulted forth from the bed and ran out into the driving rain to close things up! Then we spent a little while just watching the lightening streak across the sky. So cool.

Do you like thunderstorms? Do you get them regularly where you live?


Unknown said…
Love thunder storms! We get them fairly often...definitely more than at the coast.
Coccinelle said…
I love them!

I don't remember being afraid of tunder!

We get it less often these years but this year we had a big BIG BIG one it was in fact a tornado of level 0... yes it's big for where I live ;o)
Carmen said…
I love thunderstorms without hail, straight-line winds, or tornadoes. Lots of higher up lightning and thunder with rain pattering on your rooftop!!!
Jinny said…
I love thunderstorms and we get really good ones where we are. This week it seems like there's been one over 2 days. My dog, however, does not like them. When she hears thunder she goes under the bed and stays there. So far Liam likes them. He yells 'Boom!' when he hears the thunder.
I think it's awesome that you guys live by a lake...I didn't know there was one there.
Tanya said…
Love thunderstorms, but don't get often here in southern California. My favorite storm, though, was one I was flying over in New Mexico or thereabouts. Yup, flying over it. It was so beautiful!
Anonymous said…
I live in Oklahoma. We have storms. Six years ago we went through an F3 doozy of a tornado. 9 people in my bathroom. I need to write a post about it...and find my pictures. Four houses surrounding ours were totaled.

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