Are you INSANE??

I am beginning to question the sanity of my husband and some of our new friends here in our new town and new church.

It has been raining. A lot. For days and days and days and basically all summer long.

This weekend is supposed to be the annual church family camp-out. I can almost understand camping in the rain... it doesn't sound fun to me personally but hey, I'm a wuss.

But when I see this warning on our local weather:

This is an alert to the potential development of severe thunderstorms with large hail..Damaging winds and heavy rain.

I have to seriously start to question the sanity of those still planning on camping this weekend.


I mean really.

Here is just a smidgen of what I am talking about... my husband took this video of the storm we had two nights ago and it pretty much has stayed the same ever since...

Does that look like enjoyable camping weather to you? Are you the hearty type that camp no matter what? Or are you more SANE like me? Just curious.

And could someone please head on over to my husband's blog and tell him it is INSANE to go camping in this weather? Thanks. Otherwise I may have to throttle that man. Sheesh.

My husband has joined the ranks of the sane and decided not to go! Yahoo!! Good man. :)


Dakotapam said…
We had a very fun camping trip in the rain once...but we're a Boy Scout family...we always camp in tents,and my teen thinks sleeping outsize in sub arctic temperatures are fun. This rainy trip was more of a constant drizzle with occasional downpour...nothing dangerous. The oldest was 9 or 10, the baby was barely two. They all wore ponchos and played outside all day...something they would never do on a rainy day at home:) That is what memories are made of! We're in North Dakota, so similar weather to yours...sometimes you have to seize the day! I hope you can reschedule for a more temperate weekend, church camping trips are a blast!
Caroline said…
OK, that does sound like poor judgment, but the rain sounds WONDERFUL!! No rain for us since September:(

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