I have SO enjoyed having my Aunt & Uncle here with us for the past 2 weeks. We took them to the airport yesterday (which, incidentally, is an 8 hour drive round trip) and I was just so very sad to see them go. The house seems almost empty without them here!!

When we got home last night I checked my email. 144 messages. 144!!! And only about 10 of them were junk! Apparently that is what happens when I don't check my email for 12 hours. Who knew? You are a busy bunch of people out there in internet-land :)

So today I am attempting to start to catch up from the past 2 weeks. I feel a wee bit overwhelmed. Because as crazy as it sounds I actually have OTHER things to do besides just sit at my much-loved computer!

I know it sounds unbelievable.

But it is true! I actually have stuff like laundry and dishes and floor washing and parenting and refereeing fights between my 3 children and having meetings with Aiden's assessment counsellor not to mention all the books I have to read and the products I get to test out and just to top it all off I have about a zillion BOXES TO PACK. ACK!

Speaking of boxes to pack we still have no idea where exactly in our fine town we are going to be living in less than 6 weeks. Feel free to pray!

But on the up side there is a Curious George marathon on TV today. YAY! Love that monkey.

What do you all do when you get overwhelmed?


Jinny said…
Honestly, I cry...then work like a workaholic to finish things on my to-do lists so that the stress of them doesn't overwhelm me. Not the best coping stradegy...drives Colin crazy.
Pray a lot! And try to watch a good movie or something to "escape" for a couple of hours. I've been wondering if you'd found a new home yet...I'll be praying.
Connie Walsh said…
Read a Christian romance novel or play a game on the compy or something. I don't get a lot of stress though. Kids are teens and pretty amazing, and I am on disability, and cleaning is not necessary until the dust is 1" thick!!! that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Anonymous said…
When I get overwhelmed, I first have to think about whether or not I've taken meds for my Bipolar. Then, I have to force myself to sit down and choose one thing to do and do that for at least 15 minutes. It seems once I start, I can keep moving. Prayers still said for you finding a home.

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