Here is a conversation that just happened during a commercial for Sham-Wow on TV...

Owen: We have GOT to buy Sham-wow

Me: ignoring him completely

Owen: Mom, can we PLEASE buy Sham-wow?

Me: maybe someday.

Owen: well you can cut it in half you know.

Me: bursting out laughing

Husband: yes, that IS a very interesting selling point (grinning)

Me: howling with laughter

My sons: why is mommy laughing? what is so funny? (walking over and looking at my face in confusion)

Me: still laughing

Aiden: I like it when you laugh mommy.

Owen: ya, me too!

Aiden & Owen: start tickling me to keep the laughter going

Me: laughing and thinking I should really laugh more :)


Lvly Rita said…
My middle son, Matthew, is always the best at wanting me to get the products advertised on TV. Whether it's the scum removing cleaner ("Is our bathroom that bad?") to my favorite the Aqua Globe ("Matthew I would need plants besides a cactus to use an Aqua Globe").

And yes, we really should laugh more often.
Dakotapam said…
What is it with boys and Sham Wows?
mmichele said…
my son micah LOVES the shamWow. did all kinds of experiments last week. it really works!
Anonymous said…
I like how he tried to not just ask for it, but to "sell" you by highlighting the benefits of purchasing. Too cute.
willowsprite said…

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