Prayer request

This is a picture I took of my Aunt & Uncle 2 years ago (that is Olivia with them) the last time I saw them. Tonight their home in Westbank, BC is threatened by a forest fire. Thankfully they were evacuated and are safe though.

Please pray for my Aunt & Uncle and the others who have lost homes today. You can go here- - to see pictures of my Aunt & Uncle being evacuated from their home. So scary.


Annie1 said…
Omgosh Tara, I've been watching updates on the news all heart and my prayers go out to everyone who is being/has been affected by this/these fires.

I'm on the island and I know a lot of people who have family there.

Many prayers to all!

Heidi V said…
How frighting...My prays are with you and your family.
Connie Walsh said…
Added to my prayer list...Please post when everyone is safe and happy.
Jo said…
I'll be praying for your aunt and uncle and hoping that everything will be o.k.
Amanda Daybyday said…
Oh, those picutures say it all! What a time of life to lose your home.
momstheword said…
I will pray for them all, that would be so sad. Yes, they are only things but they are your things and your memories and I, for one, would miss them if my home burned down.

Nice to meet you. I am a pastor's wife as well (soooo not perfect, lol!).

Your children are precious and I will be back to visit again when I have more time.

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