Jungle Gym Fun

These aren't the greatest pictures but here are a few shots of my kids playing in the super fun jungle gym/ ball park thingy at the hotel yesterday...

The boys LOVED it when the soft balls fell from "the sky".
Aiden loved playing with the ball "shooters".
Even Olivia was able to climb all over with no help from me! I didn't even have to enter the structure at all. Amazing.
I LOVED how safe the place was... I could just sit and enjoy hearing my kids laugh!
They had SO much fun! Brilliant!

We arrived home this evening and now I have to catch up on life :)


LOVE these kind of places. It's fun to watch them interact with each other and other children without having to "helicopter parent".
Hope this gave you a little break and some time to chat with an adult... think I'll take my kids now that I'm thinking about it :-)

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