We are in the big city right now for doctor's appointments... which is not very thrilling I know. BUT we are staying in the BEST kid-friendly hotel I have EVER stayed in! Right now I am sitting here blogging at a table in this huge atrium type thing while my kids play in an ENORMOUS ball park/ jungle gym type dealy. It's brilliant. There is also a great pool. And to top it all off we have a pirate themed room that my kids LOVE. I am very pleased :)

Unfortunately we have more doctor's appointments tomorrow... and since the one today was TWO and a half HOURS I am not looking forward to the one tomorrow. Yeesh. We are seeing the asthma specialist so it is worth it but have you ever tried to entertain my three kids in a doctor's office? Less than fun.

Hence the ultra fun hotel. Pure bribery my friends.

I'll post some pictures once I get them off of my camera :)


A.Marie said…
My kids would have loved that hotel! It sounds awesome! I hope the dr. appts. go well! :)
Amanda Daybyday said…
I love good hotels for kids. My kids love good hotels for kids...although this one sounds like about the best one I've ever heard of! And I maintain that kids and dr.'s offices are about the most draining and tiring and stressful place a parent can be. Ugh...hate them.
Tanya said…
That place sounds wonderful, even for adults (with a little kid in them, of course) :)
Just found your blog. Looks great! I'm an imperfect SAHM, too. :-)

The only thing remotely comparable to kids and the doctor's office is kids and the waiting room at the dealer while they work on your car. But, the doctor's office is worst! I've never heard of a hotel like that. Sounds wonderful!

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