You know what's annoying?

When it takes you forever to get an appointment with the nurse practitioner (since we don't have a family doctor) and then on the day of the appointment her office calls and cancels and tells you she is sick and isn't seeing patients and to call back for another appointment later. SO you call back and the office is all mad at you for not showing up to your appointment. And when you explain that the office called and cancelled she says "oh. well that's strange. I was working that day and I don't remember calling anyone". Which totally means they think you are lying.

Gotta love it.

SO now I have to wait ANOTHER month to see her.



Tanya said…
Weird!! So sorry, Tara.
Margaret said…
well that kinda sucks! sorry this happened to you.
Anonymous said…
What frustrates me is when I get charged a cancellation fee but they can cancel whenever they please.

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