Aiden and Owen have officially finished school for this year and I am very proud of them both. I think they both did very well considering the fact that they had to move in the middle of the school year and because of curriculum differences between where we used to live and here they were both very behind.

We DO have work to do over the summer to get them ready for the fall but that's ok :)

Aiden was very sad to say good-bye to grade one. He really has a tough time with transitions.

My in-laws are here visiting for a few days so there is lots of excitement around here. Folks from the "vision team" (code for board of elders) are coming over tonight for a barbeque to meet Doug's parents.

My house is not perfect.

Oh well.

Olivia got sunstroke or something on Father's day and got a sunburn which turned into a nasty prickly-heat rash thing and she has had a fever on and off for days... but other than the fever and being a little grumpier than usual she is doing fine. She's still eating and drinking and playing and laughing and talking... so I figure she is ok. But WOW is she ever NOT sleeping well at night. Not at all.

I have not slept more than an hour at a time in two nights now... I'm having flashbacks to my days with a newborn. I think her fever is just making it hard to sleep in our non-air conditioned home or something.

Anyhoo, I'm off to be the fabulous hostess that I am (HA!).

Happy weekend everyone! And no, the pictures had nothing to do with the post but hey, they made me laugh. They show what happens when a two-year old decides it is time to go swimming on her own. :)

What are you all doing this weekend?


Kelly said…
thought the swimsuit looked a little i see it was on backwards! i'm burying myself in vbs planning, that's my weekend. hope you have a great bbq!
Unknown said…
Oh I reeeeeaaaallllly love Olivia's outfit! I can hardly wait til Finn starts dressing herself...I think.

This weekend I'm supposed to be packing for our 2 weeks away. And I like to leave the house clean too. The vaccuum's out, but the jury's out as to whether it will be used or not before we leave...
Margaret said…
I love this pics of Olivia - her laughing face is absolutely contagious!

This weekend I am working, working, working - but that's okay. I do really like my job most of the time :)
darlin' pictures!

i love that you didn't stress yourself out over visiting elders. you can do what i do and just not invite them..LOL
Carmen said…
What a hoot to see kids dress themselves. She is such a cutie. Hoping she starts sleeping SOON all night.

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