Visit from "old" friends

This past weekend I was lucky enough to have a visit from not one, but TWO, of my very dearest friends! Shoz came all the way from the West Coast and Dale came over from the prairies... and we all haven't seen each other at the same time in at LEAST a decade! We decided the last time was probably at my wedding in 1999. Dale, Shoz and I all went to the same youth group during high school so we've known each other a whopping 20 years.... TWENTY!!!

Unfortunately Dale's sweet wife was not able to visit but hopefully we'll get to see her next time! Dale played Springtime Santa by bringing the kids presents. They were ultra excited and decided instantly that Dale was the very best person they had ever seen.

They kept asking me if Dale knew them from before so I pulled out some old pictures of Dale holding the boys when they were babies. I also showed them pictures of Dale's wife and they deemed her "pretty" :) Neither Dale nor Shoz had met Olivia before so it had CLEARLY been too long since we'd all seen each other!

Shoz, Dale and I all went on Teen Missions the same summer. Dale and I went to the same highschool together and then Capernwray Bible School together. Then I went to Canadian Bible College with Shoz. It is so much fun to see friends with so much history!

The boys were thrilled with their new trucks and have been annoying me... I mean playing with them ever since :)

Olivia even managed to talk Uncle Dale into playing doll house with her!

We all went on a wee tour of our town and stopped at the dock. The kids love throwing rocks off the dock.

Uncle Dale was a very good sport and spent most of the time throwing rocks with the kids... which, incidentally, meant I could totally sit and do nothing but visit with Shoz. Yay for uncles!

I'm sure Dale regretted bringing presents and making himself the hero when he realized my kids had no intention of leaving him alone for even a nano-second!

It was a lovely weekend and I was sad to see it come to an end :(

Although I am 100% certain that staying in our home absolutely exhausted my dear child-less friends.

I was told staying with us is excellent birth control :)

So thanks for enduring our chaos and coming to visit us Shoz & Dale! We love you!!


Tanya said…
It is so wonderful to get together with old friends. Lovely pictures, too. Olivia was entranced with that doll house. ;)
Chris said…
this looks like so much fun! thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
I am sad we are all so far away from dear and old-time friends! Good pictures, Tara. Love, Mom
Sherri Nelson said…
OK, so I have started Random bits of Shoz as my blog. I just started it today and had a bunch of running around to do and now have to sleep so I can go to work tonight, but I thought you might want to know. Love ya!

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