Poor Olivia got a nasty owee on her forehead... it looks pretty doesn't it? She decided her forehead needed to smash into the corner of the bookshelf. Ouch.


Jo said…
Even with the goose egg she's still as cute as a button:)
Chris said…
Poor girl. I know when Chloe gets an "ouchie", she tells everyone she meets about it :)

Is that iggle-piggle in the picture? Looks like his head.
Amanda Daybyday said…
Oooooh, that couldn't have been fun! Poor thing.
Tanya said…
owie, owie! poor thing.

She looks like she needs a hug.
Mrs4444 said…
Oh, poor thing! What a little sweetie.
the Doug said…
Yes it is Iggle Piggle. You know you're a parent when you're able to identify children's tv characters from little bits of it showing in a photograph.

And yes she is cute. Gets it from her mom.

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